VOICES -- A New Broadway Musical by Karen Sperling
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Victoria C. WoodhullThis is the true story of what happened to a beautiful, notorious woman who was determined to speak her truth and to love and live freely at the turn of the 19th century when Christian society and financial corruption enforced and prevailed over the people.

Guided by spirit voices and her own inner voice to live and love freely, she exposed society’s hypocrisy and created scandals wherever she went. This is the story of Victoria C. Woodhull, who came from a corrupt, abusive and impoverished family that sold cheap elixirs off of a caravan. She made a living as a clairvoyant advising the lovelorn, made a fortune on the stock market and was the only woman who spoke before Congress for the right to vote. She split the Women’s Suffrage Movement by claiming free love went hand in hand with women’s rights and was the first woman to run for President of the United States. This is the story of a woman over a hundred years ago who lived, loved and spoke out for freedom as though she was living in the 21st Century.

“Voices” is about listening to the voices of the past, present and future and believing in your self against all odds. This is the story of a woman who listened and then spoke out. As a gifted clairvoyant, Victoria heard and accepted the secret voices from the past who guided her. As a spiritual adviser she heard every kind of complaint and the silent pain endured by her grieving loveless clients. As a member of a crazy and abusive family who couldn’t survive without her, she was responsible for taking care of all of them. Armed with so much personal inner strength she listened to the people and walked her talk, living by her own rules.

“Voices” takes place after the Civil War when the slaves were freed and had no place to go, the women wanted the vote and had little choice what their fate would be if not following the rules of society matrons, when War soldiers were home, broken and abandoned, when prostitution was rampant, when the pulpit dictated strict hypocritical edicts on morals and when Wall Street was run by a few men who hoarded most of the wealth and by political bosses who took bribes and enforced the streets. (A familiar scenario of TODAY.) Read more...

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